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  • What is the FIT Lab?

    FIT means Future Interaction Technologies — it’s about the complex devices that change our lives, for better or worse — whether in our homes, cars, mobile phones or medical devices.

    Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) can be a creative and exciting field of research, but in collaboration with companies like Microsoft Research, Nokia, and the NHS, the FIT Lab likes to focus on Grand Challenges

    The FIT Lab was opened in 2006 by Professor Harold Thimbleby and has since grown to include a range of world-leading HCI experts.

    As well as performing world-class HCI research, the FIT Lab runs PhD, MSc and MRes programs.
  • Where is the FIT Lab?

    The FIT Lab is part of the Computer Science Department of Swansea University in Wales, UK.
  • Conferences

    The FIT Lab team regularly submit, review and attend many world leading international conferences, including:
    • CHI
    • Mobile HCI
    • Ubicomp
    • Pervasive Heath
    • JCDL
    • TPDL
    • ECIS
    • CSCW
    • DIS
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FIT Lab News

ThingsCon Win!

04 August 2014

Gerrit, Callum, Lewis and Cameron at ThingsCon in Berlin
In May Gerrit and three of our undergraduate students, Callum Dicker, Lewis Edwards and Cameron Steer (who is currently one of our intern students!) attended the Things conference in Berlin. The university’s media centre just published their travel report.

Summer is here

16 July 2014

Gil and Jake Marsden visit the FIT Lab
Yesterday we were delighted to welcome --- all the way from South Africa --- Gil and Jake Marsden to the FIT Lab. Gil is visiting Swansea for a week with her two lovely children Holly and Jake while on Sabbatical here in the UK. The weather has not been perfect, but we are have really enjoyed hosting the family of the dearly missed Gary Marsden and wish them well as they prepare for the next stage of their 3 month trip. In other news, we have been making connections with the University of Grenoble in France this week after a visit by Matt, Jen, Simon and Parisa to Laurance Nigay's team. And we are currently in last minute preparations for the Digital Democracy workshop being held in Cardiff on Monday. See the eventbrite page for more information on this event!

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