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  • What is the FIT Lab?

    FIT means Future Interaction Technologies — it’s about the complex devices that change our lives, for better or worse — whether in our homes, cars, mobile phones or medical devices.

    Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) can be a creative and exciting field of research, but in collaboration with companies like Microsoft Research, Nokia, and the NHS, the FIT Lab likes to focus on Grand Challenges

    The FIT Lab was opened in 2006 by Professor Harold Thimbleby and has since grown to include a range of world-leading HCI experts.

    As well as performing world-class HCI research, the FIT Lab runs PhD, MSc and MRes programs.
  • Where is the FIT Lab?

    The FIT Lab is part of the Computer Science Department of Swansea University in Wales, UK.
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    The FIT Lab team regularly submit, review and attend many world leading international conferences, including:
    • CHI
    • Mobile HCI
    • Ubicomp
    • Pervasive Heath
    • JCDL
    • TPDL
    • ECIS
    • CSCW
    • DIS
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FIT Lab News

14 April 2014

IIT Bombay
Over the last week we have welcomed back Matt, Jen and Simon from a research visit to India that involved meetings at Microsoft Research, Xerox and IBM. They also held several user study sessions in IIT Bombay as part of evaluations with their AudioCanvas application. While welcoming the India group back, we said farewell to Patrick, who is visiting Stanford Research Institute for 2 months. Patrick will be continuing his work on the CHI-Med project, which involves formal verification of interactive devices. He will be visiting SRI with one of our colleagues from Queen Mary University, London. We can also congratulate Harold on his recent success with his EPSRC funded project “Discipline Hopping into Healthcare.” More about this grant can be read here.

Swansea Raspberry Pi Jam

18 March 2014

The Raspberry Pi Jam at the Techhub in Swansea
At the first Swansea Raspberry Pi Jam on 8 March 2014, Gerrit gave a talk on how to connect a Rasberry Pi to an Arduino using two wireless modules. The event took place at the TechHub and was open to members of the public. There is a full write-up of the event by the event organiser, Douglas Gore

BBC User Experience Research Partnership

11 March 2014

Post-lunch beach walk
As part of our User Experience Research Partnership, we hosted several members of the BBC R&D staff. Some notable outcomes were a summer internship for Liam, a BBC co-supervised PhD for Tim and potentially exploring the use of formal HCI in user experience modelling and evaluation at the BBC.

In Memory

03 February 2014

Gary Marsden at CHI 2011
Everyone in the FIT Lab was deeply saddened to learn of the news of Gary Marsden's sudden death just after Christmas. Gary was an inspirational figure in the area of ICT4D and HCI, co-author of Matt's book Mobile Interaction Design and a good friend. We are all going to miss him greatly. Last week, Matt, Simon and Jen went to Cape Town to visit his family and attend his memorial. For more thoughts about Gary, please see Susan Dray's blog on Remembering Gary Marsden.

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